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I like it! – ★★★★
One of my students with Autism really loves this app.
by Nia / SLP – Apr 17, 2011

EXCELLENT!!!! – ★★★★★
My son is six, has Autisum, this is the best app yet. This app makes him laugh, smile, and will always put him in a great mood . I don’t know why but he does. He loves it.
by Randy&Tearen – Apr 8, 2011

Great app! – ★★★★★
My 3 year old daughter loves it!
by cheap parmesan – 24-May-2011

Fascinating, absorbing and fun – ★★★★★
Well animated, great sounds, lots of fun.
by Pmd44 – 21-May-2011

Good app – ★★★★★
Good app. Nice bit of fun.
by Dt8791 – 18-May-2011

Not just for Autistic kids – ★★★★★
This game is a great learning device for any small child not just kids living with Autism. It’s really fun too.
by Mashley – 18-May-2011

Great app to make the kids laugh. – ★★★★★
My son has a new favorite game to play. Brings a smile to my kids everytime. It’s great to see an app that addresses a growing issue. Is it just me or has there been an increase in Autism lately. Maybe something to do with formula milk or vaccine shots. Great app, looking forward to more levels.
by Steve72 – 10-May-2011

Great App – ★★★★★
My kids love this game, the extra games are a great addition to the original sound board. Who would of thought that you could make identifing emotions fun 🙂 My daughter loves this app, she finds the animations hilarious 🙂
by Dakarna – 10-May-2011

Great – ★★★★★
i know three people with autism, you are doing a great job help people understand the prevalence and importance of autism. and i completely agree that awareness of autism, is low. Not only are you making more awareness, but you are also teaching children/teens and adults who have autism about social interaction and behaviours making it a little bit better for people suffering autism to understand. Keep up the great work, it is great that people like you are stepping up to help awareness !
by Chelsea Baker – 23-Jun-2010

AutismXpress – ★★★★
Excellent – my 5 y.o. son couldn’t stop giggling with each emotion he chose. Hope to see more similar apps ….
by AspieMum – 12-Feb-2010