About AutismXpress

How can we increase the EQ of kids with autism?

I would like to introduce AutismXpress a fun interactive smart phone & touch tablet app for children who are having trouble recognizing and understanding facial expressions and identifying the emotional states of others and respond accordingly.

Our focus when creating AutismXpress is to help build an Autistc Childs’ Emotional Quotient or EQ, which essentially refers to the ability to understand self and others when it comes to goals, intentions, behaviours, responses, feelings and so on. Our goal is to help increase social awareness and encourage appropriate behaviour.

We created this app after we saw a need for autistic kids to be able to play while they learn, to stay fully engaged during repetitive conditioning. We’ve had a lot of exposure to the problems, people dealing with autism(including parents, carers and teachers) face, on a daily basis. Also my wife Melissa is a teachers aide at the Vern Barnet School for Autistic Children, helping kids within the Autism Spectrum learn to communicate and socialise, with the aim of eventually integrating them into the mainstream schooling system.

Even our own digital creative agency StudioEmotion has worked with Autism Spectrum Australia to create and maintain their online digital presence and educational/community portal. We have all gained a lot of first-hand experience and insights into the latest technology and educational tools available to the parents, carers and teachers of autistic children.

How can we help autistic kids understand emotions?

AutismXpress is our first app to assist parents, carers and teachers with a host of fun learning tools for their kids to engage and interact with. It currently consists of three sensory mini games…

  1. The first called Feeling Finder randomly places 12 emotions on the screen and allows the kids to click on the emoticons and watch the corresponding animations, some are serious and some are silly but they are all entertaining.
  2. The second challenge is called Emotion Matching which is essentially a memory game to reveal and match identical pairs of emoticons.
  3. The third game, titled Expression Questions is an activity that parents, carers and teachers can play with their kids, helping them to associate the corresponding emoticon to the random emotive word.

With your support our plan to release a continuous stream of free updates with many more emoticons and fun emotion related experience and challenges for kids to enjoy working their way through.

I wanted to say a special thank you to all the people who have contacted us, the response we have received regarding the AutismXpress app has been really positive and helpful, we really appreciate any feedback you have as we want to continue to help and create the best experience possible to help as many kids as we can.

If you are interested in promoting this fun educational EQ app on your website, blog, forum or community portal please contact us to become a partner.

On a final note we are also very excited about another top secret project in the works that takes the AutismXpress concepts to a completely new level of engagement and accessibility, so stay tuned. If you would like us to notify you when it becomes available please contact us to let us know.

Kind regards,
Kim Grantham

P.S. AutismXpress is available on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iTouch and also on most Android Mobile and Android Tablet devices. Below are the official links to download the app. I hope it brings you and your children much joy and happiness 🙂